Holiday Gift Guide 2017


Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday! I always dreamt of a white Christmas and sledding down the street with my kids. Unfortunately, my dream will just have to be a dream since I live in Sunny California. The sun shines bright almost year round and the weather can reach 80 degrees during this time of the year!

This holiday season, Kinada Events Co. (our kids event company) collaborated  with the ladies at Oh Shiny Paper Co. to bring a fun and festive gift guide. Today we showcase a hot cocoa kit with all the fixings-mint marshmallows, candy canes, and holiday stick stirs. The gifts can be purchased by emailing us (items can be purchased separately). And don’t forget to follow us on IG @kinadaevents for more inspiration!


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Ash’s Ice Cream Bash!


We collaborated with our vendor friends to produce Ash’s 5th Ice Cream Bash! More details from this photo shoot will be revealed very soon!

Production and design: Kinada Events & Euri Wong

Venue: Shutters on the Beach 

Photos courtesy of Erin J. Saldana

Cake and desserts:  Sheila Mae

Ice Cream: M Juicery and Creamery

Party goods: Oh Shiny Paper

Stationery: Designs by Yu

Linens: Elegant Design Specialty Linens

Flowers: Bloominous


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Elliot Turns ONE


Elliott celebrated his 1st birthday at Maggiano’s at The Grove. His mom contacted us about 1 month prior to the party requesting assistance for decor. Her only request was to include “greenery.” A few emails were exchanged and this is the final design!

Design & production:  Kinada Events and Euri Wong

Photo courtesy of Erin J. Saldana

Cake & desserts: Janice Wong

Elliott_1st_Birthday-001Elliott_1st_Birthday-070 Elliott_1st_Birthday-034

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A & P Turns ONE


Annabelle and Penelope turned ONE (last May)! Their Tropical themed party included scrumptious desserts from our good friend Janice Wong and mini pies from Simple Things.

Design & production Kinada Events and Euri Wong

Photos courtesy of Keri Kaba-Dien



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Donut Love on Valentine’s Day


With 4 days left on the countdown to Valentine’s, we thought it would be helpful of us to lend a hand with those still pondering how to best express their feelings. Nothing says “I love you” like heart shaped panda Donuts and a cheeky pun-filled greeting card. Our friends at California Donuts have put together just that for your Valentine’s day needs. They are offering 3 Donut Love packages – each priced at $25 with options of Panda shaped heart donuts to Heart donuts with icing proclamations of love. Paired with each of these is a punny Donut greeting card from Ilootpaperie. This Valentine’s day collection will be available staring 11am on a first come first serve basis in limited quantities. Go to their instagram @CaliforniaDonuts for more information on how to snag some serious delicious for the one you love. And while you’re there – you can get their Girl Scout donuts for yourself xo.

California Donuts
3540 West 3rd
Los Angeles, CA 90020

Photos courtesy of James Lee of Mr & Mrs Creamery
iLootPaperie + California Donut Valentine EditioniLootPaperie + California Donut Valentine Edition

iLootPaperie + California Donut Valentine EditioniLootPaperie + California Donut Valentine EditioniLootPaperie + California Donut Valentine EditioniLootPaperie + California Donut Valentine Editiondream.believe.inspire.AL

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Suite Foods Waffle Shop


We make our way up north this week to visit Suite Foods Waffle Shop with Michelle and James. Located in a cute little communal store in Bernal Heights, Suite Foods Waffle Shop is in a storefront with other food places. Using organic yeast risen flour, they specialize in authentic Liege waffles that are lightly caramelized. A slight pearl sugar crunch provides each bite with the perfect texture – definitely worth a visit!

Suite Foods Waffles
331 Cortland Avenue,
San Francisco, CA 94110

Michelle: We got the Maple Bacon & Poached Egg Waffle, also known and called the “Walk Off Grand Slam”, and Chocolate with Frozen Kuhsterd. The worker Alex assisted us. The thing that’s special about Suite Foods is they make traditional Liege waffles, their waffles are like Belgian waffles. The typical waffles are usually made from pancake batter, but these aren’t like pancake waffles. The batter is made like a cookie dough batter and rolled up into a ball before being put in the waffle iron. Suite Foods adds these pearl sugar specks into the batter that helps give sweetness and texture in the waffle.

For our Maple Bacon & Poached Egg Waffle, Alex mixed in shredded maple bacon into the batter before making the waffle, and then cut it open to add the poached egg in the middle! You have to be careful when taking a bite into it so the egg doesn’t explode! But when eating these three together, savory mixed in with the sweet, you’ll surely have a harmonious set of flavors dancing in your mouth.

The Chocolate Waffle with Frozen Kuhsterd was also good. A nice warm waffle mixed with frozen “custard” was absolutely a nice sweet treat after our sweet and savory waffle. If you’re in the area, this is a great little place to grab a sweet snack!

** 2.9.15 Update: We discovered from Sivan Wilensky, President at Suite Foods, upon the release of our post that the Waffle Shop was closing down so that they could focus on their wholesale, catering and festivals. Their last day at the 311 Cortland Avenue location was February the 1st. However! we were happy to learn that a new shop location is definitely something that they are working on. In the meanwhile, Suite Foods are available to cater your special events and also on their websites is an ample list of retail locations where their delicious waffles may be enjoyed.

Photos courtesy of Michelle Nicole Photography
introduction and edit by AL

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Ice Que


A little over a year ago we featured Quenelle in Burbank in Dessert Tour with a Q & A and learned about owner John Park and his passion for ice cream. In the time since we’ve spoken to him, John has certainly been busy – with the January grand opening of his new shave ice spot Ice Que in Alhambra and a second location for Quenelle opening soon in San Marino which will include a pressed juicery. James of Dessert Tour stopped by Ice Que to partake of the shave ice goodness.

James tried three of the Oma-QUE-Se menu items, Ice Que’s playful twist on Omakase which is the Japanese phrase for chef’s choice at a sushi restaurant. While you can assemble your own shave ice bowl as you do with halo-halo or patbingsu, Ice Que offers nine chef curated combinations in their Oma-QUE-Se menu. James ordered two of the asian inspired items – Black & White and the current crowd favorite the Milk & Honey. Then he rounded out the day’s tasting with the Horchata bowl.

The Black & White bowl featured black sesame shave snow, condensed milk, coconut tapioca, rice cakes and black sesame flakes. The Milk & Honey featured vanilla shave ice, coffee caramel, egg pudding, honey jelly, rice cakes and coconut flakes. The Horchata was the favorite of James and his crew of the three items that were ordered. It featured cinnamon milk horchata ice cream, caramelized rice, vanilla ice and almond cookie batter. James was particularly fond of the housemade rice crisp that was super light and crunchy when paired with the almond cookie dough. 

Ice Que
On corner of Main and 4th
401 W. Main St.
Alhambra, CA 91801

James was also able to catch up with John for a quick minute.

James: With much success coming off of Quenelle Ice Cream, what was the inspiration of opening a shave ice shop? And what sets you apart?
John: Every culture have their version of shave ice. So what we are trying to do is bring that all together with many of the ingredients made in house from scratch… and be true to each culture. So the syrups, sauces, gummies, oreos, mochi for example are all made in house.

Photos courtesy of James Lee of Mr & Mrs Creamery
Ice Que Shave IceIce Que Shave IceIce Que Shave IceIce Que Shave IceIce Que Shave IceIce Que Shave IceIce Que Shave IceIce Que Shave IceIce Que Shave IceIce Que Shave IceIce Que Shave Icedream.believe.inspire.JL
introduction and edit by AL

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