Dessert Tour NYC: Shake Shack Vanilla Milkshake


Shake Shack has established a reputation for itself in the realm of the best burger battle. But today we will be covering Shake Shack from a sweet tooth’s angle and set our focus on their Vanilla Shake. Made fresh daily from real sugar and organic milk, Shake Shack serves up their dense, rich and creamy Frozen Custard in Shake or Concrete form. You can also order their Frozen Custard Ice Cream in a cup or cone.

Shake Shack 
154 E 86th Street Location
New York, NY 10128
Upper East Side

Michelle: When you visit the East Coast, one of the staple places on your recommended “list of eats” is most likely Shake Shack. What is Shake Shack? With locations all over the East Coast (NYC, Boston) and the first location now open in Las Vegas, Nevada, as a visitor or resident, if you have not tried Shake Shack yet, most likely you may have passed by a location or two.

Some absolutely love it, some have a love/hate relationship, and some just say, “you just have to try it!” It’s said to be the “equivalent” to your West Coast “In-N-Out”, however, in my humble opinion, we may continue the west coast vs east coast battle because their prices may be around the same range, but their tasty burgers are not quite comparable. However, we’re not here for their burgers, the Dessert Tour gang is here for their Vanilla Shake!

Could you really eat a burger then drink a shake after? Yes! Especially on a warm day in NYC. The hefty-ness of the burger goes well when you drink the sweet milkshake – it’s nice and cold. Also, when you take a few extra sips, the straw doesn’t get clogged (like some milkshakes do) but you still get brain freeze! Definitely something to get even by itself.

Photos courtesy of Michelle Nicole Photography

introduction and edit by AL

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