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Just a mere mention of the Ladurée House immediately brings to mind sweets of beautiful pastel colors and eye candy delicacies. They are a French luxury bakery and confections house founded in 1862 by Louis Ernest Ladurée and synonymous with the much loved dessert – the double-decker macarons. A fire in the bakery in 1871 sparked the transformation of it into a pastry shop that skillfully melded the style of Parisian cafés and the pastries of French patisserie. In 1930, Ladurée’s grandson Pierre Desfontaines came up with the original idea of taking two macaron shells and stacking them together with a creamy ganache filling. The rest is a delicious and colorful history, as even today Ladurée remains one of the top premier sellers of these beautiful treats. Michelle, recently visited their Upper East Side location in New York and she shares her Dessert Tour adventures with us below.

Ladurée NYC
864 Madison Ave
New York NY 10021

Michelle: first learned about Ladurée when I visited Paris back in 2011. Ladurée is famous for their macarons and pastries.

In New York City, there are two locations. One on the Upper East Side on Madison between 70th & 71st, and the other in Soho. We went to the one in the Upper East Side. This Ladurée location was a nice cozy shop for walk-ins, to order your macarons and/or pastries and go, in contrast to the more formal shop in Paris on the Champs de’Lysses where there was a dining area and places to have afternoon tea. Since I traveled to New York City with three friends, we decided to all try every single macaron flavor to get a little taste of everything. The shell was crispy on the outside and the inside was gooey and bursting with flavor. Some of our favorites were Rose, Raspberry, Lemon, and Red Fruit.

Permanent Flavors in the Macaron Collection were as follows: Vanilla, Coffee, Chocolate, Pure Dark Chocolate, Pistachio, Lemon, Caramel with Salted Butter, Roses, Orange Blossom, Raspberry.

Their Seasonal Flavors were: Red Fruit, Lemon with Lemongrass, Chestnut, Praline, Coconut, Mint with Anise, Gingerbread, Fig, Green Apple, Chocolate with Blackcurrant, Montello Cherry with Almond.

Photos courtesy of Michelle Nicole Photography
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