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Momofuku Milk Bar bakery is a cereal lover’s dream come true. They serve up on the daily the inventive sweet and savory concoctions of Chef David Chang and Chef Christina Tosi, showcasing cereal as an underappreciated dessert element to delicious effects. There are five locations in NYC and all locations serve the Milk Bar signature classics: Crack Pie®, Cereal Milk™ soft serve, and Compost Cookies®. There are variations however from location to location for the remaining array of treats served – soft serves, shakes, beer, coffee, cookies, pies and cakes. For those not in NYC, you can DIY these delicious treats by ordering the materials to make Cereal Milk from their site. Of course you can also order their cookies, cakes and pies.

And if the idea of cereal, milk and desserts causes you to shimmy – you’ll be tickled to know that every Saturday at the Upper West Side location and every Sunday at the Carroll Gardens Milk Bar – they host a weekly cake walk. Boogie down for your chance to score a free Milk Bar cake in the ultimate dessert dance off.

Milk Bar East Village
251 East 13th Streeet
New York, NY 10003

James: This dessert encounter was during my 2nd visit to NYC and it was also my 2nd visit to the Milk Bar. Milk Bar is the sweet side of David Chang’s Momofuku restaurant group, with Chef-Owner Christina Tosi at the helm. It’s a small shop with barely enough room for 4-6 people to stand inside, but this joint serves a killer Crack Pie and delicious Cereal Milk soft serve. And those never disappoints.

For this trip, I had opted out of the Crack Pie and just went for the the Cereal Milk soft serve as well as the other soft serve, Cranberry Limeade. The Cereal Milk soft serve always hits the spot, stirring up nostalgic memories of the sweet milk after you finish your bowl of cereal when you’re about to head to school. The Cranberry Limeade was tart and refreshing, best for the summer warm weather in NYC.

Photos courtesy of James Lee of Mr & Mrs Creamery

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