California Donuts


Super fresh donuts available 24 hours a day – sounds like a dessert lover’s dream come true. California Donuts delivers on this Cali dream daily with their wide selection of deliciously unique donuts and freshly baked goods. It’s no wonder the family owned establishment has become the neighborhood go-to for homemade treats and signature brewed coffees for over 25 years. And of course they offer cronuts in mouth-watering flavors such as guava cheesecake and speculoos crunch. With so many delicious options it was understandably difficult for us to choose which items to try – lucky for us California Donuts is also known for their great service. They were very friendly and patient. Tip: If a donut lover you know has an upcoming birthday you can place an order with California Donuts for their 8 x 8 inch custom birthday donut. Check out their IG feed to take a peek @CaliforniaDonuts.

California Donuts
3540 West 3rd
Los Angeles, CA 90020

 Photos courtesy of Michelle Nicole Photography.

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