When we inquired as to how he got started as a baker, John of Quenelle stated simply, “I was 21 years old. Never cooked or baked before in my life but decided to just go for it and enrolled in culinary school.” We are really glad he just went for it and as a result opened Quenelle, a charming ice cream parlor and bakery located in Burbank. Everything in the shop is made from scratch. And they now offer their services for special events (ice cream, popsicles, dessert station, etc.)

2214 W Magnolia Blvd, Unit A
Burbank, CA 91506

John was kind enough to indulge us in a Q&A to give us a glimpse of the man behind the Quenelle.

PPE: What is your favorite part of the day and what is your least favorite part of the day?
John: Favorite – seeing my 2 year old son run around the shop eating up all the ice cream. Least favorite – when he leaves.

PPE: Which item is the absolute must try in your shop and why?
John: This is a tough one for me since I really do like everything we make.. but if I had to choose, I would go with the Yuzu Lemongrass Sorbet. Super refreshing, great balance of sweet, floral and tart.

PPE: For you personally – coffee or tea?
John: Neither.. unless it’s in ice cream form. To drink I prefer smoothies, soda and ice cold water.

PPE: Name one guilty pleasure.
John: Nacho cheese… Hot Cheetos dipped in gravy.. McDonalds french fries. Sorry, I couldn’t pick just one.

Photos courtesy of Michelle Nicole Photography








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